Utilise Your Solar Panels

4 Ways to Guarantee You Generate Maximum Solar Energy

Solar panels are a big investment, meaning you’ll want to receive some form of return on your investment. The best way to achieve this is by generating enough solar energy to run the electric in your home or commercial property, as well as having enough left over to store in a battery storage system for night-time and dull days. We’ve listed a few factors which could affect how much solar energy your panels absorb:

1. Position on the roof
Choose to have your solar panels installed on your roof, it’ll be difficult to find a solar panel supplier that won’t install them like this nowadays. And for good reason; your roof is the closest part of your house to the sun, so it’ll be the best place to absorb the photovoltaic rays that the sun produces to generate your renewable electricity. On top of this, experts suggest that your solar panels should be south-facing in the UK to absorb as much sunlight throughout the day as possible.

2. Surroundings
Another factor to consider when choosing where to place your solar panels is whether there is any obstruction or shade amongst your surroundings that may block your solar panels from the sun, for example, trees or construction. Solar panels are extremely sensitive to light, so just the smallest cover of shade could compromise the output you receive from your renewable power system.

3. Time of day
In the UK, the best hours of the day for sunlight are between 9am and 3pm, so most solar panel suppliers would suggest you turn your renewable energy system on or set your system to come on between these hours, to collect as much sunlight as possible. Even if you don’t think you’ll use that much energy, you could have a battery storage system installed, to store the energy you collect to use throughout the night or on duller days when you won’t collect as much.

4. Clean panel surface
As most solar panels are up on the roof it’s easy to forget about them, as well as the fact that they accumulate an abundance of dirt and dust after a significant amount of time. A dirty solar panel will struggle to absorb and generate a sufficient amount of energy compared to a clean solar panel. Therefore, to collect as much renewable electricity as possible, there should be no disruptions or interferences with the panel surface. Most solar energy companies will supply a professional cleaner who will know which products to use on your panels, and unless you have a clear understanding on how to do this, we suggest hiring someone to clean your renewable electricity system.

By taking these factors into account when planning the installation for your solar panels, you should be able to see the return on your investment within no time, helping to reaffirm your decision to convert towards a more sustainable energy system.