Power Storage - Sonnen Batterie

Battery Storage – Power When You Need it Most

The energy usage in most people’s homes is highest first thing in the morning and again in the evening. Energy consumption generally reduces to its lowest by midday. If you have solar PV panels fitted you do not get to benefit from the energy generated when the sun is at its highest, the two just don’t correlate.

The SonnenBatterie is set to revolutionise the way we use Solar energy. Offering more than just a storage battery, the SonnenBatterie is an intelligent solar energy storage system, that can automatically adjust the energy usage in your household.

The energy you store is clean, and generated by you, reducing your dependence on large energy corporations and giving your protection against energy hikes.

Unlocking the Future – Power Communities

The most exciting prospect of using a SonnenBatterie, is the potential to connect with other Sonnen users. Should you require more power than you have generated, or better still you have an excess produced, you are able to trade this virtually with others.

SonnenBatteries are a proven system, with a minimum lifespan of 10,000 charging cycles, utilising the safest lithium battery technology available today.

As installers of renewable energy systems, Power different are really excited to be part of an industry, with such a promising future.

We believe that this is the way of the future, and by combining a Solar PV system and a SonnenBatterie, you can potentially produce around 75% of your yearly energy requirement, encouraging a new wave of independence in the energy sector.