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Project Name

Installation of Solar Panels and battery storage


5.83 kW Solar PV & 6kW Battery Storage
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What the client wanted

We were commissioned to design a Solar PV system to maximise the available roof space of this domestic wooden framed building. The client requested a symmetrical layout and battery storage, so that they were able to monitor their stored electricity volumes and usage.
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What we installed

With careful planning, we were able to achieve a 5.83kW solar panels system that sits neatly in place. Specification: • Modules – 22 x 265w All Black PV Module • Inverter – SolarEdge Inverter & Optimiser System • Mounting System – Renusol • Battery Storage Unit – Sonnen • Battery Capacity – 6kWh Outcome: The installed system very efficiently provides electricity during the daylight hours and after dark thanks to the storage system fitted. The client can monitor complete household consumption and see the level of charge & usage of the battery along with PV system output. This information is accessible online and via a simple app.