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solar battery storage

Solar Panel Battery Storage for your Home and Business

Solar batteries are a simple solution to storing your excess solar energy for when you need it.

We install only the best solar battery storage systems from Sonnen, the pioneers of solar energy storage.

The Sonnen range comes in many size options and all solar panel batteries are fully integrated with your system for excess solar energy storage, saving it for when you really need it. With our solar panel batteries, you can run your home purely on your solar energy storage during the night when the sun is down, by using the energy generated during daylight hours.

This not only saves you money in grid electricity in the evenings but it also maximises your investment in your renewable Solar PV system.

What are the benefits of a Solar Battery Storage System?

  • Solar battery storage gives you the ability to maximise your Solar PV Panels, storing any excess energy generated during daylight hours for use at night, or on cloudier days.
  • Sonnen solar batteries are not only small but innovatively designed to fit seamlessly into your home or business, with a range of sizes from a small wall mounted box to a free standing unit.
  • Sonnen solar batteries are installed with a 10 year/10000 cycle warranty, so you can be assured that you’re getting the best product and it will last.
  • Your home solar battery can be managed via your smart phone or tablet, allowing you to monitor the amount you have left in your solar energy storage and manage your usage.
  • Installation and design time is short, and the system is fully integrated with your Solar PV Panels so you don’t need to do a thing, just enjoy your renewable energy throughout the day and night.If you think your home could benefit from a Home Solar Battery, get in touch and we can help you make the most of your renewable energy.

Our Home Solar Battery services include

Domestic Home Batteries
Home Solar Panel Batteries are installed and integrated with your existing Solar PV Panels.

Commercial Batteries
Large solar panel batteries installed into your business premises and integrated with your Solar PV Panels.

Sonnen Batteries
We only install high quality Sonnen Solar Batteries and we’ll choose the right solar battery storage for your home and requirements.

All Sonnen Solar Batteries are installed with a 10 year/10000 cycles warranty for your piece of mind. We expect the solar battery lifetime to be in excess of 20 years.

System Design
We’ll provide innovative design to make sure that your solar battery storage unit fits seamlessly into your home or business.

Home Management Setup
We can help you set up controls via your smart phone or tablet so you can efficiently manage your solar energy storage and usage.

solar panel battery storage

At Power Different we carry out in-house design, supply and installation of a wide array of renewable energy solutions.