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Leading Solar Services

We offer a range of services, ensuring you will always get the right solution to powering your home or business efficiently and sustainably. We are proud to offer a variety of services, including domestic and business solar panels, home and commercial battery storage systems, solar PV upgrades and bespoke electrical installations.

When investing in a renewable energy solution for your home or business, it is important that in order to maximise your investment, that you use a reliable and professional solar panel installer. Unlike many other providers, you can be rest assured that we will always provide you with impressively designed and installed solar PV systems whilst using the best and most up to date products and technology available.

Our team are fully trained and qualified to carry out all of the services we are proud to provide. We have years of experience in providing domestic and commercial properties with bespoke solutions when it comes to their solar panel systems. We work alongside each of our customers to ensure minimal disruption during the installation process, as well as offering advice and support throughout and beyond project completion. Power your home or business more sustainably, power differently and work toward a greener future with Power Different.

Rooftop Solar Panels.

We supply and install professional and bespoke Rooftop solar panels for your home or business to help reduce your energy bills.

Ground Mount Solar Panels.

We offer a wide range of Ground Mount solar PV systems, for a wide range of industries, including agricultural, commercial and industrial, all bespoke to you.

Battery Storage.

Battery storage solutions ensure that you can store up any of that unused energy to use at a later date, ensuring that you are always powered.

Solar Panels Repairs + Testing.

We offer maintenance, repairs and testing for your solar PV system to ensure it is running smoothly and efficiently at all times.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions relating to any of the services we offer, or would like to request a quote, then be sure to fill in our enquiry form or give us a call and we will be happy to help in any way possible!

Such a nice company to work with. Good workmanship, easy going and no problems at all.

Scott Oldroyd & Co

Absolutely brilliant. So professional, really informative and very considerate and helpful.

Kate Atherton

An excellent installation. They're neat, operate to a very high standard and I'm very happy.

David Maclver

They helped advise at every step of the way, they have also been really adaptable.

Sophie Banbridge

They planned everything into the finest detail.

John Huibers

Everything was explained in meticulous detail.

Craig Lemon