Solar Panel Upgrades

Should You Upgrade Your Solar PV System?

Through research and learning, technology is ever-changing to improve itself. Therefore, the technology we use for our renewable energy systems is also continuously changing, which is why we provide professional installations and upgrades for your Solar PV systems to guarantee you always get the most out of your renewable energy.

Upgrades that are available for your Solar PV System:

  • Solar Edge – Products such as power optimiser, solar inverter and monitoring solutions for photovoltaic arrays, help to optimise the amount of output energy from your solar panels.
  • Adding extra solar panels to your existing system to generate more energy.

What are the benefits of upgrading your Solar PV System?

  • Increase of energy output – the Solar Edge power optimiser has been tested, and received positive results of increasing customers generated energy by up to 25%
  • Extended warranty – many of the original systems are now out of date, however with these newer systems, the warranty dates are extending, providing you with peace of mind for longer.
  • Experienced monitoring system – e.g. a Solar Edge system enables you to track your renewable energy system through your computer, tablet or phone, allowing you to view a full performance of each separate solar panel.
  • Putting your safety first – newer systems like Solar Edge, provide a system with SafeDC TM which reduces the voltage in DC cables to a safe extra-low voltage when needed, enhancing safety in the event of a fire.