East Coast Storage Ltd. (Phase 1)


King's Lynn, Norfolk

Rooftop Solar Panels

Rooftop Solar Panel System Installation

This diverse Norfolk storage facility which incorporates cold stores were looking to reduce their electricity consumption on site with renewable technology. Power Different designed and installed a 184.96kWP solar PV system which utilised a roof on one of the main stores. The system package chosen by the client was the advanced SolarEdge optimised inverter  system offering full import, export & solar generation monitoring.


  • Modules – 544 x 340w Mono Black Frame Modules
  • Inverter – 2 x 82.8kW SolarEdge optimised system
  • Mounting – K2 mounting hardware
  • Monitoring – SolarEdge Portal web-based system monitoring


Due to the high energy usage on site, the facility is benefiting from utilising the energy that the PV system produces whilst also getting paid for exporting excess energy during times of low site electricity demand. The monitoring platform gives the client peace of mind that their system is always working to the best of its ability. Usage patterns and trends can be seen on the monitoring platform which will help the client make informed decisions on how to use generated power as a advantage. The data will also help run a study on the effectiveness of implementing battery storage in the future.

  • Output – 178,530 kWh per year
  • 45.70 tonnes CO2 saved per year
  • Equivalent of 2304 trees planted
  • Return on investment 6-7 Years

Such a nice company to work with. Good workmanship, easy going and no problems at all.

Scott Oldroyd & Co

Absolutely brilliant. So professional, really informative and very considerate and helpful.

Kate Atherton

An excellent installation. They're neat, operate to a very high standard and I'm very happy.

David Maclver

They helped advise at every step of the way, they have also been really adaptable.

Sophie Bambridge

They planned everything into the finest detail.

John Huibers

Everything was explained in meticulous detail.

Craig Lemon