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Never settle for ordinary. Demand more. Expect the best.

We are an engineering-led solar installer, focused on every minute detail, down to the smallest nuts and bolts. Obsessed with constant improvement and perfect craftmanship, each installation we do is the perfect combination of work ethic, science and engineering.

We’ll always do the right thing, ensuring you understand every detail of the project. We are transparent and honest – it’s the service we believe every business should provide, and all customers deserve.

Whether customers or our own staff, we care about people first. It’s important to us that we have an empowering working environment encouraging our team to deliver special installations focusing on quality and innovation.

Our industry is in desperate need of a shake-up. A new perspective and a better way of doing things instead of the same tired routine.

We’re not breaking the rules or tearing up the playbook. We’re just doing things our way. A better way. A different way.

Rooftop Solar Panels

Highly efficient and cost effective, Rooftop solar panels can generate energy all year round, meaning that no matter the weather you are guaranteed consistent renewable energy to power your business.

Ground Mount Solar Panels

Perfect for those who have a large area of external space, Ground Mounted solar arrays are an efficient eco-friendly alternative to powering your business.

Battery Storage

The batteries connected to your solar panels store any unused energy collected, ensuring you can maximise the usage of your solar generated power, including during the night or at times of high demand.

Service + Maintenance

Our friendly team of experts are on hand and are happy to help should you require any solar PV maintenance, repairs or testing carried out on your solar array.

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NRP Car Park

Elite Tins

A.G Meale & Sons

Warings Furniture

The Thursford Collection (Phase 1)

Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association

B&C Farming Ltd.

Tamar Nurseries Ltd. (Off-Grid Installation)

East Coast Storage Ltd. (Phase 1)

Scott Oldroyd & Co

Need support with your solar PV system?

If you need support with your solar PV system, head over to our Solar PV Repairs & Testing page or our FAQs to see how we can help.

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Such a nice company to work with. Good workmanship, easy going and no problems at all.

Scott Oldroyd & Co

Absolutely brilliant. So professional, really informative and very considerate and helpful.

Kate Atherton

An excellent installation. They're neat, operate to a very high standard and I'm very happy.

David Maclver

They helped advise at every step of the way, they have also been really adaptable.

Sophie Bambridge

They planned everything into the finest detail.

John Huibers

Everything was explained in meticulous detail.

Craig Lemon