Rooftop Solar Panels

Experts in Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

Our team members have years of experience within the renewable energy sector, and we are proud to be one of the leading installers of Rooftop solar panels within the East of England and beyond. We can install professional and bespoke Rooftop solar panels, for both residential and commercial properties, helping to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint! Power Different are committed to offering an Eco friendly alternative with our renewable energy systems.

Using renewable energy from the sun, even on the dullest of days, solar panels will be constantly providing you with energy, which means that you can enjoy a sustainable and often cheaper source of powering your home or business. Often requiring minimal maintenance, solar panels are hassle free, so you can be rest assured that you will not be left without self generated energy.

There are many benefits to Rooftop solar panels and if you’d like to learn more about how they could be advantageous to your property or business, get in touch for a free survey.

What are the Benefits

Energy Storage

You can store the energy generated by your rooftop solar panels, so at night when the sun isn’t shining, you can use your stored energy to keep your home powered.

Green Energy

Solar panels help in reducing your carbon footprint and your electricity costs. This results in a more sustainable property.

Electric Cars

If you own an electric car you can charge it for free. There are a range of EV chargers which can prioritise the use of self-generated electricity.

Rooftop Solar Panel Case Studies

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Agricultural Rooftop Solar PV Installation

Commercial Solar PV Installation on Storage Facility

Agricultural Rooftop Solar PV Installation

Need support on your solar panel system?

If you need support on your solar panel system, head over to our Solar PV Repairs & Testing page or our FAQs to see how we can help.

Rooftop Solar Panels Powering Your Future

A simple fact we all know is that the cost of energy has continued to rise, and the importance of maintaining a healthy environment grows every day. Installing a solar energy system is a cost-effective, sustainable, and simple way to reduce your environmental footprint and your energy costs. We are sure you care about the natural environment as much as we do. Solar energy is non-polluting and renewable. The best bit … the source of this energy is free!

Our solar panel suppliers can install a range of renewable energy systems to support existing equipment, upgrade solar panels or design a bespoke energy solution for your property. We always offer a free survey to all customers, which will allow us to determine whether your property is suitable for eco-energy. Following our free survey, we will assess the information gathered in the survey in order to provide you with the best installation for your property and budget.

Such a nice company to work with. Good workmanship, easy going and no problems at all.

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Absolutely brilliant. So professional, really informative and very considerate and helpful.

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An excellent installation. They're neat, operate to a very high standard and I'm very happy.

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They helped advise at every step of the way, they have also been really adaptable.

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They planned everything into the finest detail.

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