Rooftop Solar Panels

Experts in Rooftop Solar

With over a decade of experience in installing rooftop solar, our team of highly trained engineers can transform what was once unutilized space into year-round energy generation for your business.

If you are short on space but are looking to lower your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, then rooftop solar may be the perfect solution for you and your business.

Every business owner sets out to make a profit, but with the ever-increasing costs of energy we are seeing those bottom lines getting tighter and tighter by the day. The unpredictability of these changes has even caused some businesses to close their doors completely.

This is where solar PV installations are really making an impact for a lot of business owners – whilst there is an initial investment to install the solar PV array, the return on this investment is not only becoming increasingly faster, leading to businesses profiting from their solar systems, but it is also providing financial stability long term for businesses as they are not having to rely solely on the volatile prices of fossil fuels.


What are the Benefits

Energy Storage

You can store the energy generated by your rooftop solar panels, so at night when the sun isn’t shining, you can use your stored energy to keep your home powered.

Green Energy

Solar panels help in reducing your carbon footprint and your electricity costs. This results in a more sustainable property.

Electric Vehicle

If you own an electric car you can charge it with energy generated from your own solar PV system. There are a range of EV chargers which can prioritise the use of self-generated electricity.

Rooftop Solar Panel Case Studies

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NRP Car Park

Elite Tins

A.G Meale & Sons

The Thursford Collection (Phase 1)

Need support with your solar PV system?

If you need support with your solar PV system, head over to our Solar PV Repairs & Testing page or our FAQs to see how we can help.

Rooftop Solar Panels Powering Your Business

A solar PV system is not just a short-term win. Solar panels have an increasingly long lifespan, with systems often performing well after 25 years. These systems can provide stability and predictability for businesses for decades with often minimal maintenance. Annual servicing can ensure that your systems remains operating to the highest standard, meaning lower bills and a smooth running operation.


As the world is constantly moving towards a more ethically conscious future, adopting solar PV systems for your business is a smart and responsible choice that not only financially benefits your operation, but also contributes to a cleaner planet. By choosing to invest in solar power, business owners can position themselves and their businesses as leaders in the drive for a more sustainable and prosperous way of life.

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